What to do on Sundays - Part 1

A common question/concern that we get at the Inn is, "What is there to do on Sundays??" Amish country has limited businesses and restaurants that are open for service on Sundays. We think that this is actually the best day to visit - there are very few crowds and many, many opportunities to tour the back roads and see nature, and plain people, in their element. If you know where to look, there are also some very nice places to eat and places to shop that have Sunday hours. We'll feature some of these in the next few months.

Today, we enjoyed brunch at Chalet in the Valley, located in the Berlin/Millersburg area a few miles off Rt. 39 on Rt. 557. Chalet offers Sunday brunch from 11 am to 3 pm and is located across the street from Guggisburg Cheese that is also open on Sundays. Chalet is closed on Mondays and seasonally from the end of December - early March.

Brunch at Chalet is absolutely fabulous - a destination in and of itself. There is a soup and salad bar with German potato salad, chicken spaetzle soup and tomato basil soup with many other yummy toppings, a hot buffet with a carving station that is exceptional - included on the hot buffet today were pork schnitzel, NY strip steak, salmon, shrimp, cranberry stuffed chicken breast, glazed ham, turkey breast, parmesan chicken, smashed red skin potatoes, cabbage rolls, homemade spaetzle, Amish noodles, California blend vegetables, and many, many other delicious hot foods. There was a dessert bar with orange layer cake and German chocolate cake. The iced tea was fresh brewed and very good (I am a connoisseur of iced tea and this was exceptional). Everything was homemade and delicious. The bill for two of us was about $40 with beverages.

The restaurant also boasts amazing cheese and chocolate fondues as well as many traditional German and Swiss influenced fare offered on the menu during its weekly service. Sundays are brunch buffet only. The cheese featured in the restaurant is made across the street at Guggisberg Cheese. We made a quick stop there, too to check out the many varieties of cheese and complementary items. There were lots of samples, but we were too full from brunch to take advantage of this offering. There was also an inviting sitting area next to the store with Swiss-themed buildings and beautiful flower gardens. Our favorite feature are the live mountain goats climbing the rocks next to the restaurant.

Getting to these two locations is a breeze down Rt. 39 with a few short turnoffs - especially on Sundays when there is no traffic going through downtown Berlin. It took us about 15 minutes to get there from the Inn and we enjoyed the rolling hills and seeing the Amish families in their Sunday finery gathering for home church at several farms along the way.

Life is quieter down here on Sundays. Peaceful. Spirit-nourishing.

Guggisberg's Chalet in the Valley
Guggisberg Cheese